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As an entrepreneur your number one job is getting the cash register to ring. It takes time and energy, and it's important. But it leaves you with little time to deal with balancing your bookkeeping, planning for tax savings or meeting filing deadlines. Our passion is handling those financial and compliance areas in an accurate, swift and professional manner, providing you advice and consultation along the way, so you can focus on job number one.

Our approach is simple—provide the highest level of professional accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services along with your business management guidance, and keep it affordable.

Our offices are located in Thousand Oaks, California. We serve clients in several states, but most of our clients are headquartered in Ventura County from Calabasas to Camarillo and from Westlake Village to Simi Valley.

  • General Accounting, Record Keeping and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Asset and Depreciation Management
  • Part-Time CFO/Controller
  • Complex Financial Reporting Issues
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis for Management Use

The Next Big Thing to Come In a Small Package

The Startup Essentials Package

For the startup company

Package Details
  1. A half hour meeting to discuss your questions related to your startup business
  2. Setup of your in house bookkeeping system, including chart of accounts and recordkeeping best practices
  3. General guidelines for keeping tax documents, strategies to minimize taxes

These professional services are available for an affordable one time fee.

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The CPA Advisors Package

Our flagship product. For the ongoing business

Package Details
  1. Guidance and consultation - Accounting, taxes and business decisions.
  2. Tax planning and preparation - Ongoing tax advice throughout the year to save you tax dollars and to keep you apprised of changes in the tax laws.
  3. Compliance and form filing - Monthly and quarterly payroll and sales tax returns
  4. Bookkeeping - Computerized monthly or quarterly statements and analysis.
  5. Payroll provided by our in house payroll company, Priority Payroll

This is a monthly flat fee service. Our fees are surprisingly affordable and you know up front what your costs will be. Our promise is to give you the best service, to become part of your team and to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

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The Peak Performance Package

For the larger company

Package Details
  1. Monthly oversight of bookkeeping function - Correction of errors, advice on ways to improve bookkeeping system
  2. Recording complex accounting and tax adjustments - Fixed asset and depreciation, sales and use tax, payroll taxes, personal property tax, complex financial reporting issues
  3. Tax planning and preparation - Ongoing tax advice throughout the year to save you tax dollars and to keep you apprised of changes in the tax laws.
  4. Payroll provided by our in house payroll company, Priority Payroll
  5. Part-Time Controller/CFO - Budgeting and forecasting, cash flow forecasting acquisition, sale or merger, strategic and financial planning, business plans, policies and procedures. Due to the project oriented nature of theses services, there may be a separate charge

This is a monthly flat fee service designed to give you the resources of a CFO without the cost of hiring one. We keep your finances accurate, and provide you with ongoing advice and support to save taxes and grow your business.

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To LLC or Not to LLC
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If Shakespeare was writing today, this question would likely have been on his mind as he began his publishing career. It is a question that virtually all new start-ups have, and in most cases there is not an easy answer.

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Do You Have Employees or Independent Contractors?
Getting this wrong can be costly

This question comes up a lot, especially from new companies. It's a hassle and expensive to put your workers on payroll. You have to pay in social security and medicare tax, pay workers comp, pay a payroll service and make sure you file payroll tax forms on time. So it seems like an easy out to just set the workers up as independent contractors and let them worry about their own taxes.

Not a good idea!

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